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Oprea: CNSAS for electoral use

The PDL (Democrat-Liberal Party), the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) and the PC (Conservative Party) made electoral use of the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive), says Marius Oprea, a president of the Institute for Research on Communist Crimes. Yesterday he reproached the above-mentioned parties for not having attended the meeting in the Ministry of Justice that had approached the law on the CNSAS.

Oprea argued: "They used the CNSAS as a means for electoral propaganda in a demagogical manner. They pretend they are concerned about the institution's fate and they have come up with solutions. But when it comes to real contribution, they keep away. I am curious to see how they will vote in the Parliament."

He claimed that one more meeting with party heads could not take place in the coming days: "Meetings with the members of the Superior Council of Magistracy and NGOs are due next week. We can't meet with parties when they please. A ministry doesn't schedule its activity the way the gentlemen in PSD and PDL please."

Court launders Andrei Andreicut

The Court of Appeal in Alba reached verdict that Andrei Andreicut, the Archbishop of Alba, had not been involved in political police activities, although the CNSAS had reached the opposite decision in September 2007. Therefore the CNSAS verdict is now null and the court's decision is irrevocable. (R.G.)

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