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LATEST - In Brief

Helicopter crashes and two die in willow forest

A helicopter with two persons aboard crashed yesterday morning in between Giurgeni and Bertesti, two localities in Romania, close to the Danube. Both passengers died. The craft crashed in a willow forest and there were local fishermen who witnessed it, despite the thick fog. Right after collapsing the helicopter caught fire. According to the first information provided by the team in charge of inquiry, the crash was because of bad weather.

According to Stelian Caramitru a mayor of the Ialomita district, it was a private helicopter with two men aboard. The craft turned to ashes and only the fuselage survived. The craft belongs to a private company and the two men aboard were the pilot, aged about 50, and a representative, 30, of the owner. Christian Becker, owner of the Becker Aviation Trans, a provider of service and crew, has mentioned it. He has also added the helicopter was to reach Mamaia, a Black Sea resort. (...) (A.G.)

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