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Romanian President is satisfied with Lisbon Treaty

The President of Romania Traian Basescu mentioned yesterday morning that all the attendants of the Lisbon summit reached consensus on the EU Treaty and the latter document settled 5 exclusive attributions for the EU over the member states.

Together with foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu, the Romanian president attended the first session of the informal reunion of the Council of Europe in Lisbon, already over Friday morning.

At about 3: 30 in the afternoon the two Romanian officials held a press conference, with President Basescu announcing that the EU finally had a Treaty now. He commented: "It is the outcome of the EU's 6-year efforts. I am sincerely glad that in the last 2 years we have been partners in this quest." He described the recently adopted Treaty as a means for the EU to become a juridical personality able to represent all the member states. He also added the Treaty enlarged the European Parliament's attributions as well as the part played by national parliaments in cooperation with the European Commission or the Parliament of Europe.

Romania's foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu outlined it was very important that the mass media in the country should report on the significance of this historical summit, proving the EU's skill to negotiate and compromise.

According to minister Cioroianu, the Treaty means significant progress, although not a perfect document, still a "practical" one that had called for efforts. The minister argued that, even if some things the Romanian side was very fond of had failed because of proving less important as compared to others, the document was anyway progress. He explained Romania would have to ratify the Treaty in 2008 and highlighted once again that the national debate on the issue depended greatly on the media. Minister Cioroianu mentioned the ratification might be achieved either by Parliament's consent or referendum.


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