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LATEST - In Brief

Bordei connection

With help from an entire network in Bucharest City Hall, President Basescu did an overt favor to Constanda when providing him with 33,000 square meters in the park situated in the center of Bucharest. Other addressers in the same boat with the businessman were dismissed without a reason.

By his decisions 1324 and 1325 reached in September 5, 2003, President Basescu entrusted 3 hectares from the Bordei Park to Constanda to compensate for the French Village land, which is more valuable "due to more favorable city authorities". Apart from President Basescu's signatures, the documents bear those of Dumitru Stanescu, a general secretary in the City Hall, of Adrian Iordache, a juridical expert, and of Cristina Setran, a head of the Patrimony Department.

In December 18, 2002, the heirs of Angelescu Monteoru demanded for a reconstruction of their ownership right over one hectare of land in the very Bordei Park. The committee in charge of applying the land law dismissed the solicitation, claiming the park was Bucharest's public property. But the gang in Basescu's City Hall, preserved as such by mayor Adriean Videanu, did more: mislead the court. In June 2, 2003, Dumitru Stanescu informed judges that the land had been expropriated for draining, but it hadn't become a public property of Bucharest. Until the Angelescu family won the trial, Basescu had already made Constanda an owner by means of the only compensation decisions he had signed while a mayor. (...) (M.S.)

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