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Felix, blocked by Cotroceni Palace

The Committee investigating the head of State has heard director of Alro Slatina

The chairman of the Parliamentary Committee investigating the head of State, Conservative Dan Voiculescu, announced yesterday that he would send a letter to president Basescu asking him to provide the Committee the documents necessary in carrying out the inquiry. Felix fervently claimed that the Cotroceni Palace was blocking the development of the Committee's investigation. If the members of the Committee heard the Alro director yesterday, today they are waiting for both former and current heads of SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service), Radu Timofte and George Maior, the head of SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) Claudiu Saftoiu, and the ex-minister of Defence, Teodor Atanasiu (PNL - National Liberal Party).

The request of the Parliamentary Committee of investigation comes as a reaction to the answer of the State counselor on citizens' issues within the Presidency, Gabriel Piscociu, whom the Committee had asked to provide the reception-delivery register of the documents leaving the Cotroceni Palace. The inquiry committee spokesperson, PRM (Great Romania Party) Senator Valentin Dinescu, expressed his discontent with the answer counselor Piscociu gave at the Committee's request. Dinescu said that the counselor "thinks he is artful" and "invents a so called investigation of the president to avoid being heard". The PRM Committee member explained that Voiculescu received yesterday a communication from Gabriel Piscociu, in which the counselor claimed that "the Parliament lacks the necessary constitutional and legal attributions to investigate the president, the Presidential Administration and the president's counselors". In addition, the counselor said in this letter that he did not "consider opportune nor necessary his presence before the committee", Dinescu added.


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