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Liberal-Social-Democrat alliance coming up

The PNL (National-Liberal Party) and the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) have been planning a strategy to get power after the parliamentary elections due next autumn. The first step to take is mutual support for the second tour of the local elections so that their candidates would become mayors of those localities whose mayors were not elected last Sunday. And local collaboration is to consolidate till the time of general elections comes, for the two groups are going to collaborate and get as many official positions as possible.

In the meantime central party leaders will be avoiding to state their collaboration officially in order to keep their specific electors loyal. After the parliamentary elections, when a new government is due, the PSD and the PNL will shake hands in the open and take up the 'fact' attitude, legitimatized by the positive collaboration at local level. Although the two parties' leaders are firmly denying such a plan, local leaders are serenely admitting the brotherhood.

"We are already together in the territory"

Ion Vasile, a president of the PSD branch in Buzau, told us yesterday that the central leaders advised him to see that the party give "tacit or visible support" to the PNL candidates in localities with no more PSD candidates. The PSD leaders faxed this order to the other local branches too to make sure the party's strategy would be obeyed so that the Liberals and the Social-Democrats would get closer to each other.

One PSD vice president admitted as follows: "There is a PNL-PSD alliance. We are working together in the territory and our collaboration is very good. (...) Things will look natural in autumn, since we are already together in the territory."

The Social-Democrats are claiming that such an evolution is the effect of the Democrat-Liberals' "superior"attitude to oppose the idea of having talks with the other parties. (...)

Territory to report to centre

The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, a president of the PNL, agreed with the other PNL leaders that any official collaboration with the PSD would be postponed till autumn and in the meantime the Liberals would proceed to consolidating their alliance with the Social-Democrats. One PNL vice president argues: "Right now an official statement would have a negative electoral impact. After the second tour we can decide on collaboration to start next autumn. And until then we can get the Democrat-Liberals isolated at local level."

PNL sources claim the only directive recently sent by the PM is that every local branch should provide the central leaders with full data and details about the actual collaboration with the PSD. (...)

Cristian ANDREI, Razvan GHEORGHE
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