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Daniela Popa heads PC, a decision under dispute

The members of the PC (Conservative Party) elected their new president yesterday. Daniela Popa was appointed a leader of the party due to Dan Voiculescu's interference, which led to tremendous scandal. Although she failed to get 50% plus 1 of votes, in keeping with the party's status, she became a president because Sabin Cutas donated her his votes. In order to protest against it, the supporters of Florin Anghel left the room, announcing they would appeal against the results. Codru Seres was elected a general secretary of the party.

The extraordinary congress Romanian Conservatives held yesterday ended up with pell mell. Daniela Popa got only 570 votes out of the 1,200 total , whereas her main opponent, Florin Anghel, got 557. None of them reached the 50% plus 1 needed. Therefore Dan Voiculescu made an unexpected move: he asked Sabin Cutas to come and say to whom he was donating his 85 votes. Sabin Cutas stooped to take the ex president's order, despite the noisy booing, and he announced he was giving Daniela Popa his votes.

Forin Anghel's adepts started crying out "Shame!", which irritated Dan Voiculescu who asked them out. In a congress room many attendants were leaving, he asked for applause and cheers for the new party president. Although he wanted to leave the impression that he wouldn't interfere in the struggle for power during the electoral campaign, which he said even in yesterday's speech, the new president founder of the party actually showed who his favorite was.

A split in the party seems imminent now and party sources say they can no longer agree to such leadership style. Sources claim they want a "puppet" of Voiculescu's to rule the party, for it would be the death of the party. "At least some 15-17 party branches would quit", one dissatisfied delegate said.

Florin Anghel's supporters were voicing their discontent in the Parliament lobbies, feeling taken in by Voiculescu's men. (...)

Cristian ANDREI
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