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Stolojan and Boc stood godfathers for PDL

The Democrat Liberal Party (Ro. PDL) was officially set up last Saturday, when the PD (Democrat Party) and PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) Congresses voted for the change of the PD name into the Democrat Liberal Party and the PLD absorption into the new party. The organizers took great care in not having unpleasant surprises, so that almost nobody growled. That's how the PD members voted the merging protocol even though many of them didn't get to read it.

Initially, the Democrats and the Liberal-Democrats had separate meetings. The PD leaders' speeches insisted on the idea that, although the name of the party is changed, things will remain as they are. "Let's make it clear: it will be the way it used to be", said the PD general secretary Vasile Blaga, a statement that generated a burst of applause. Blaga presented the rules of the new party, emphasizing the fact that they guarantee the internal democracy, "however, after a decision is made, discipline is required".

"One thought, one will"

The disciplined Democrats unanimously voted for the new party rules and the Political Programme. Only one rebel disturbed the harmony, as this one pronounced him against the merging protocol. Although he was desperately waving the hand when he voted against, Adriean Videanu ignored him saying that the protocol was also voted in unanimity. A large part of the participants didn't even see the document, so they had to content themselves with a summary presented by Videanu. Even fewer people saw the annexes to the protocol; their content remains a secret well guarded by the leadership. In exchange, the PD members found in their handouts a questionnaire by which they were invited to pronounce their opinion on some issues such as the legal aspects of abortion, capital punishment, whether cannabis should be legalized, on euthanasia, homosexual marriages, and, of course, on strictly political matters. The sociologic survey had 8 pages and 47 questions.

Meanwhile, Stolojan, Stoica and Flutur were convincing their party colleagues of the need to merge. "PNL (National Liberal Party) is dead", solemnly said Stoica, arguing that PDL is the ultimate refuge of the Romanian liberalism.

Big party, small hall

After a short break, the two Congresses got reunited. The hall soon became cramped, the Liberal Democrats being forced to crowd on the corridor, as the Democrats had taken all the chairs (...). Boc had a speech of welcoming the Liberal-Democrats into PDL. "From now on, there won't be you and us, it'll be only us", said Boc, which made a bored Liberal Democrat smoking in the hall say: "That's what I was afraid of". However, in the general solemnity showed by the leaders, no delegate dared oppose openly the merging, so that the set up of PDL was adopted in the same frightening unanimity. Accompanied by the sound of the hymn "Dewy Green " and by the new slogan "Union makes the power", the PDL leaders started a round dance. The mutual congratulations took only few minutes after which everybody went home (...). (Adrian ILIE)

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