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Strategic project and pragmatic action

Since December 2004, Romania's international policy has been chaotic, lay, and contradictory. It has also been lacking in initiative and hesitatingly reactive. That is the reason why we've come to be treated as a second hand people and a no brand country.

Our relationships with Chishinau, on the brink of a diplomatic breach, are emblematic for out foreign policy. Although they should have been the best of all, they are now Romania's most conflictual foreign relations! President Basescu's macho-infantile irresponsibility, provocative at its highest level as regards president Voronin's Bovary-type neo-Stalinism, serves Moscow's interest that Bucharest-Chishinau be conflictual. And PM's Tariceanu and Tarlev don't even manage to repair the appearances. Ukraine humiliates us in the matters in dispute, Bulgaria looks at us haughtily, although in reality it is behind us.

Serbia shows suspicion, as it doesn't exactly understand our position in the Kosovo matter, which in fact we also had no idea until the 14 December. That was when PM Tariceanu finally pronounced, very clear, against the independence of the province. And he did that right at the European Council, in Brussels. What a pity that the minister of Foreign Affairs, Adrian Cioroianu, missed another opportunity to keep silent, when he nuanced for the press his own PM's statement. In his turn, president Basescu kept silent and he did well. I mean, he did better that contradict again the PM, even on this crucial matter that is Kosovo, a province whose independence the Romanian head of State was almost to recognize, in accordance with the USA's wishes. We can't ignore our national interests, not even for the Americans' sake. Yes, it about those Americans that we've been waiting for tens of years to protect our security, not to ask from us to adopt positions that might generate insecurity - local, regional, European, and also global.

The tight partnership of the Romania and Hungary's Governments probably is the only achievement in our foreign policy, with powerful domestic implications, given the fact that UDMR (Democrat Union of the Magyars in Romania) is at power. However, we ignore the necessity of partnership relations with Poland and the Czech Republic, as a possible nucleus of an initiate coming from the ex-communist countries meant to be more important in terms of an European purpose than the former Vishegrad Group countries.

Europe looks down upon us. Europe sees us as an infraction committing country lost in the EU, and this is why the Governments of Italy, Spain and UK took anti-Romanian measures, discriminatory, clearly incompatible with the standards of the European Union. Thank God that, eventually, Romania has a European initiative, supported by the Liberal political family and presented by PM Tariceanu in Brussels. It is about the initiative on the gypsy matter as a general European matter and the action to be carried out to solve it consequently.

Romania's activity in the international relations, as set out by president Basescu, is making oral sex to the important Anglo-Americans. Our American strategic partner treats us as if we were retarded subordinates. Our privileged relationship with the USA, to which Romanians have been dreaming of for three generations, is pathetically depreciated. And the orientation of our Government in the foreign policy is sublime, but it definitely lacks. It's been only about circumstantial reactions so far. Though MoFA has a generous strategic project, drawn up by chief of the Romanian diplomacy, Adrian Cioroianu, however he hasn't proved yet able to enforce it. An intellectual like him should have the power to resign in favour of a competent minister. Honour in international relations, diplomatic activity and pragmatism of the national interest is what we need. Oh, yes, and a beautiful brand. Santa should bring this for Romania. That's monarchy!

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