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Keep an eye on donors
-- According to estimations of the costs implied in the electoral campaign preceding the autumn elections, every candidate's bill will reach about 100, 000 Euro.
Let's see what it is for: media advertising, street posters, mufflers, caps, lighters. If you want an adviser, that is a counselor, you have to pay. And there is also a party membership charge. Your electoral adventure as representative of a party starts begins only after you fueled the party's budget with...   (10 afisari)
PD-L, PSD and PNL share power
According to the latest poll by INSOMAR, the PD-L (Democrat-Liberal Party), the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) and the PNL (National Liberal Party) would be the only political groups to make it to the Parliament, did the parliamentary elections take place next Sunday. Sorin Oprescu seems to be the main opponent to face Traian Basescu in the batter for presidency. As for the PM post, Theodor Stolojan is thought to be most fit and Calin Popescu Tariceanu comes...   (16 afisari)
Roulette for MPs
If you want to join the electoral competition, you need 30, 000 Euro in the very beginning and expenses can get as high as a quarter of a million Euro per person. The candidate's notoriety and the electoral board he is part of make the difference. According to the law, a candidate may spend no more than 53, 000 Euro on the campaign. But simple calculations show that one political group may come up with more than 24 million Euro to spend during the electoral campaign, since...   (11 afisari)
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