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Why is Romania a member of both EU and NATO?
Do our politicians and the administration they own, meaning family members and best protegees, know that Romania is a member of both NATO and EU? It seems this information must be present in electoral speeches, just as it is a motivation for going shopping in Brussels. Or how would you explain the fact that television is these days showing them visiting the victims in those areas much harmed by the floods, talking about major disaster and showing...   (26 afisari)
President Basescu talked to Roma in Rome
The President of Romania Traiann Basescu reached Rome yesterday, more exactly a nomad camp in the capital city of Italy, telling them that Romanian authorities would never let them be treated different from the other citizens of Europe and adding Romania was waiting for them to return. Still he highlighted that his country was not "a shield for lawbreakers".
After listening to Roma complaining about being discriminated, President Basescu explained...   (20 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
General attorney asks Parliament to consent to charges pressed against Adrian Nastase and Serban Mihailescu
Codruta Kovesi, a general attorney of Romania, has demanded the Parliament for consent to charges to be pressed against Adrian Nastase and Serban Mihailescu.
As far as Adrian Nastase is concerned, it is the Chamber of Deputies that is demanding for consent in a case regarding a fishy legacy left to Romania's ex PM, charged with having been bribed.
As for as Serban...   (27 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romania to be promoted for tourism
The catalogues used by European tour-operator like Dertour, ITS and Thomas Cook are going to include materials to promote Romania as destination for tourists.
The Romanian Ministry of Tourism has started procedures to make advertising inserts in the catalogues of these big German tour-operators and contracts are estimated to follow soon.
According to Lucia Morariu, a state secretary in the Romanian ministry, the German operators have expressed...   (13 afisari)
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