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As hungry as wolves
There are two elements making a harmful mixture right now. On the one hand, there is an international energy and food crisis, which Romania can't avoid, and on the other 2008 is an electoral year. In the approach of Romanian politicians, these two elements have made a virtual space for political theatre. And citizens are humiliated and mocked. They will pay extra simply because to be a politician in Romania means to be a scoundrel or a plain chap lacking will and...   (23 afisari)
Russia's Ukrainian path to the future
Russia and the West are losing each other yet again. The magnetic attraction and repulsion between the two has been going on for centuries. Indeed, historians have counted as many as 25 such cycles since the reign of Tsar Ivan III.
In the past, however, Russia's sharp anti-Western turns were reversed - usually out of simple necessity - after relations reached rock bottom. Not this time. On the contrary, the deterioration of the relationship nowadays...   (12 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romania may lose EU funds
According to the German MEP Markus Ferber, a representative of the EPP, Romania will lose substantial EU funds unless the Romanian Parliament allows prosecutors to investigate against the politicians accused of high level corruption.
In his recent interview to Deutsche Welle, he has said that many promises made before the accession to the EU have not been kept by Romania and he mentions the assimilation of funds in agriculture and of structural funds...   (17 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Historical prey of 4 billion Euro
The real estate sharks are now after the industrial architecture monuments in Bucharest. The developers are giving a hand to destroy them in order to build steel and glass giants in luxury quarters.
On the list of Bucharest monuments there are 24 such objectives. The surfaces they are one are estimated to 4 billion Euro.
The Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults is powerlessly watching the growing degradation of the industrial patrimony...   (15 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romanians don't want gays for neighbours
Romanians think sexual discrimination is the most frequent in their country and most of them wouldn't want a homosexual for a leader, a neighbour or a friend.
Things are different in the EU, where the most frequent form of discrimination is on ethnic criteria.
And 1 of 10 Romanians says he/ she was a victim of discrimination.
According to the Eurobarometre released by the European Commission's representatives to Romania, only...   (17 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Dinu Patriciu and Ion Tiriac in Forbes Top of richest East Europeans
Romanian businessman Dinu Patriciu has made it to this year's Forbes top of the richest 16 people in Eastern Europe. His wealth is estimated to $ 2, 5 billions, which places him on the 10th position, before the ex tennis player in Romania, Ion Tiriac. He comes no. 14 and his wealth is estimated to $ 1, 2 billions.
Dinu Patriciu has reached the top because last year he sold the majority shares of the Rompetrol...   (18 afisari)
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