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The assassins' friends
The battle between Vasile Blaga and Sorin Oprescu is not a confrontation between Traian Basescu and Ion Iliescu, as political analysts are claiming. It is neither a battle between the right and the left, as the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) likes to think. This is out of question! Bucharest inhabitants have got a choice to make between two people who have got a FSN (Front for National Salvation) sense in common. None of the two candidates should feel indignation....   (23 afisari)
Liberal-Social-Democrat alliance coming up
The PNL (National-Liberal Party) and the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) have been planning a strategy to get power after the parliamentary elections due next autumn. The first step to take is mutual support for the second tour of the local elections so that their candidates would become mayors of those localities whose mayors were not elected last Sunday. And local collaboration is to consolidate till the time of general elections comes, for the...   (19 afisari)
Romania's heroes are not welcome to Bucharest
There has now been one year since the last political detainees in Tyraspol, the members of the Ilascu group, were set free. Along the years ZIUA pleaded for their freedom. And now we have gone to Chishinau to see how their lives look like.
The situation of the Dniester heroes hasn't improved significantly. Tudor Petrov Popa and Andrei Ivantoc spent 15 harsh years of illegal prison. Alexandru Lesco was released 4 years ago after 12 years of...   (21 afisari)
IMF: Romania to have a smooth landing
The International Monetary Fund is estimating the demand will diminish in Romanian economy, which will help the country have a smooth landing after the great economy growth in the first term of 2008. Still the institution is warning that a decline of the construction industry may lead to a rough landing, Reuters reports.
According to Jose Fernandez-Ansola, a regional representative of the IMF, there is expected a slowing down of demand...   (16 afisari)
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