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Games with figures and ex Securitate agents. The raven paradox
"25% of magistrates come from the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania", Traian Basescu claims. 25% of 9 is a little more than 2. In the Constitutional Court there are 9 judges. According to the presidential calculation, it means more than 2 of them are ex Securitate collaborators. But the calculation needs to be changed in the Constitutional Court, probably. Since the judges were appointed on political criteria...   (30 afisari)      1 comentariu
Masters of prices
According to Caroline Lucas, one of the MEPs who demanded the European Commission for inquiry on the great retail networks, the power of supermarkets is simply unacceptable and it makes the future of agriculture gloomy. In 2005 the representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee were already warning about the possibility that food retail should get in the hands of a small number of players, which could diminish customers' options, but also raise prices....   (21 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Constitutional Court under siege
The PNL (National Liberal Party) is pushing things to change the law on the Constitutional Court. The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu pursues to put an end to the present judges' mandates and appoint instead people without a political past or without connections to the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania). Liberal Ludovic Orban is going to ask publicly that the 9 Court judges should resign. One vice president of the PNL comments:...   (22 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Human Rights Watch stands by homosexuals
The Human Rights Watch wrote a letter to the Romanian government asking the institution not to pass that amendment to the Family Code according to which family is based on marriage between a man and a woman. The HRW thinks this norm discriminates against homosexuals and lesbians and also against those homosexuals who decide not to marry.
The letter is published by the HRW website and it includes a recommendation that the MPs should...   (19 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romanian peasants take no interest in EU funds
78% of Romanian agriculture workers take no interest in starting business or getting EU funds, because they have got no knowledge about procedures and no trust that they will reach the finance. They prefer using their products for their own consume instead, without signing any insurances. These are some of the conclusions reached by the second edition of the sociological survey called "The Rural Barometer" and authored by Totem Communication...   (21 afisari)
Traian Basescu draws Liberals' agenda
The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu together with about 10 vice presidents of the PNL (National Liberal Party) interrupted their meeting in Victoria Palace last Thursday in order to watch President Traian Basescu on TV, lest he should overthrow their plans.
Governmental sources claim that after "a nervous meeting" with outburts against the Constitutional Court and the Romanian President, the Liberals' interest in the TV show and Traian...   (23 afisari)
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