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  Nr. 4130 de sambata, 12 ianuarie 2008 
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It's Basescu! Or is it Talpes?
-- There have recently leaked the stenograms of some talks between political prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu and Omar Hayssam, at first sentenced to 20 years of prison for terrorism. But the convicted fled with his interlocutor's help, that is political prosecutor Ciprian Nstasiu.
The information unveiled in the press today is based on a leak. Of course the stenograms haven't reached public opinion by accident. It is about some main pieces in the Prosecutor's...   (57 afisari)
President Basescu executes Norica Nicolai publicly
The President of Romania Traian Basescu came out yesterday to release information about the professional career of Liberal Norica Nicolai and ground his refusal to appoint her a minister of Justice. It happened after the PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu had dismissed the President's invitation to dialogue about Norica Nicolai. The President put it straight yesterday: "I will never appoint her a minister of Justice!". He insinuated the PM had another...   (89 afisari)
Nicolai: Basescu has behaved like the Securitate
-- Liberal Senator Norica Nicolai claimed yesterday evening that, were the facts invoked by the President of Romania Traian Basescu true, she would step back. According to the senator, the Romanian President's initiative against her was "undignified for a man and abusive for a President".
Norica Nicolai, a vice President of the National Liberal Party, argued: "Basescu has tried to take Romania back to those nightmare years. I have been feeling...   (36 afisari)
Preparations for NATO summit are "on schedule"
The visit the NATO general secretary paid to Bucharest yesterday was meant to check on the preparations for the NATO summit due in Bucharest in the early April 2008. Georgeta Ionescu, a general secretary of the Chamber of Deputies in the Parliament of Romania, admitted yesterday that the preparations were "on schedule".
On the other hand, the website (www.summitbucharest.ro) of the event due in April is almost impossible to use. The English...   (47 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Garbage connection
-- Nicolae Ninel Caval, a friend of Adrian Videanu's since childhood, is in control of a significant part of cesspits in Bucharest.
Caval is making a fortune at the expenses of the health of those people who inhabit the village of Vidra. The cesspit there is a source of severe pollution in the area, which the Environment Protection is aware of, given the fines reaching 8,000 RON. Although it doesn't care about ecology, the cesspit in Vidra continues to exist and...   (51 afisari)
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