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  Nr. 4117 de vineri, 21 decembrie 2007 
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-- While in Brussels the President of Romania put it rather abruptly that Romania was not going to admit the independence of Kosovo? Was this good or bad?
Like it often happens, I can't agree with Mr. Gabriel Andreescu who argues that to describe the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo as "the most dangerous precedent after WWW II", like Jostunica does, is only on "an excessive mind's lack of horizon". It would mean to forget that, for the first time after the Helsinki...   (32 afisari)
Minister Orban: Someone was in my car after the crash
In his interview to "Gardianul" daily yesterday, Romanian minister Ludovic Orban recounted the car crash occurred last Sunday and what had followed later. The transport minister argued as follows: "Obviously, someone was in my car after the crash, in the time I was out for a coffee, right after the crash. I noticed a door had benn opened and a very important document was missing from my car!" When asked what kind of document was it,...   (19 afisari)
Romanians in Italy lured home
-- Romanian and Italian authorities are going to collaborate in order to settle the problems of the Roma people with Romanian citizenship in Italy. The latter are going to be informed about their rights and obligations in this state, as well as about job and integration opportunities in Romania, in case they can't find employment in Italy and want to return home.
These points are part of the Common Declaration on the promotion of the social inclusion of Romanians...   (18 afisari)
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Prince Radu's report on his 2007 activity
-- Prince Radu, a special representative of the Romanian government, released yesterday a report on his activity in 2007, mentioning his main assignments this year.
According to the document, the Romanian government's special representative visited 41 Romanian cities, participated in 7 military activities and had 27 meetings with education institutions, as well as 7 economic meetings.
Prince Radu also participated in 14 meetings with...   (15 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
A2 desert
-- Because of political interests the facilities to be build on the only allegedly European highway in Romania are now at a standstill. The Sun Highway has actually been dropped dead.
The ex transport minister Gheorghe Dobre, a puppet of President Basescu's, is to be blamed for it. The Democrat minister would make no public-private partnership and he would neither organize any bidding for investments in gas stations, restaurants or motels.
Septimiu Buzasu, formerly...   (21 afisari)
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