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Allies and glow worms
Should the Bogdan Olteanu, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, have replied to the Russian ambassador instead of the US one, those who violently criticize him would enthusiastically have acclaimed him. Conventionalist blaming reactions indicate a sad characteristic of the Romanian people, its gregarious attitude (that is why political and media lynching are so successful in Romania). It also shows another characteristic, as sad as the first one: a national inferiority...   (51 afisari)
Euroelection, more important than the referendum
-- An INSOMAR survey indicates how Romanian perceive the events on 25 November
Almost half of the population considers that the elections for the European Parliament (EP) and the referendum for the uninominal voting system launched by the president are equally important; however, most of those for whom the two events have a different importance underline the priority of the Euroelection. According to an opinion poll drawn up by INSOMAR, between...   (51 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
-- Videanu, mayor of Bucharest, patronizes a corrupt system that is protecting the exclusivity of the taxi companies set up by ten Democrat deputies
There is an illegitimate group of interests in the Capital city hall on account of which taxi drivers are more and more callous and tariffs higher and higher. A pack of PD (Democrat Party) deputies initiated a law draft that established at 4 the maximum number of taxicabs for 10,000 inhabitants. The Capital thus imposed a...   (37 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Three options post-referendum
President Traian Basescu said yesterday, at Cluj-Napoca, that he had figured out several scenarios for the day of 26 November, on account of the possibilities that might come out following the referendum for the uninominal voting system, says a Rompres release. "On account of the referendum outcome, that is if it is about invalidation, but with a very large discrepancy, and if the participation turns out to be a very low one. I have in view all these...   (33 afisari)
PD trumpet
-- Traian Basescu scolds the PD political adversaries
Traian Basescu, participated yesterday in a PD electoral meeting at Cluj-Napoca. The head of state has deployed a genuine campaign attack against the PD (Democrat Party) political adversaries, UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania), PNL (National Liberal Party) and PSD (Social Democrat Party), by talking of a trans-party system linking all politicians that belong to these parties. As far as the Democrats were...   (36 afisari)
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