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Interpol ministers
-- The Academia di Romania in Rome housed an episode belonging to Costica Argint, an episode that will remain in the history of Romanian diplomacy, due to the brilliant series of bricks dropped by Romania's foreign ministers and more people.
Suddenly made visible for strange, Byzantine reasons, Costica Argint is the top of a situation the officials of post-revolutionary Romania have been struggling to hide under the mat, just like some lazy housemaid. As far as we know,...   (39 afisari)
Foreign minister failed test
-- The Parliament of Europe is going to debate next Monday on the Italian decree regarding the expulsion of Romanians from Italy. Still not even now has the Romanian foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu expressed an official approach to the matter.
The government in Rome adopted more than a week ago a law-decree on the expelling of EU citizens who commit crimes in Italy. The Parliament of Europe is going to tackle the decision next Monday, but the Romanian officials...   (33 afisari)
Severin: Romania is neither Siberia nor the EU ghetto
-- Rep.: How did the Parliament of Europe get to tackle the Italian decree of the expulsion of immigrants?
A.S.: This week there has been such talk in the Socialist group to see what attitude and measures need to be taken to stop the violence and racist attitude lately in Italy. It is very worrying, since the politicians from all regions have chosen an approach meeting neither European standards or rules, in my opinion. I would say even...   (35 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Romulus Mailat wants to be imprisoned in Romania
The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the head of the Consulate Affairs in the Romanian Embassy in Rome visited Romulus Mailat in the Regina Coeli prison last Thursday, where he found the prisoner "calm and lucid". He told the Embassy official that he had not been aggressed in any way, he had got assistance from a lawyer and he had been present when the Romanian eyewitness of his crime had testified.
The prisoner...   (26 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Over 3,500 children victims of violence
-- The "Save the Children" Organization released yesterday a survey relying on data from the Romanian Police, according to which over 3,500 Romanian children fell victims to violence this year and 5 of them died because of physical violence. (...)
Most of the physical abuse cases occurred at the children's homes, 20 took place in schools, 7 in residential services, 4 in institutions and 52 in other locations.
As for the age of the aggressed,...   (32 afisari)
Nationalist split is final
-- The split between the nationalists in the Parliament of Europe is final. After the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) had withdrawn from the "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty" group, yesterday Alessandra Mussolini announced her withdrawal too, as a means to protest against Corneliu Vadim Tudor's insult against her.
Alessandra Mussolini, a MEP representing the Socialist Alternative, informed by press release: "I have announced the president of the Parliament...   (32 afisari)
Brussels officials dislike present state of Romanian economy
-- According to the European Commission, the average inflation rate for Romania will reach 5,6% in 2008, meaning 1,1% more than estimated in the previous report. The European Commission's prognosis released yesterday claims inflation will diminish to 4,5% in 2009. (...)
In the report there is argued that inflation will be under pressure because of the fiscal incentive growth, the positive evolution of credits and the...   (29 afisari)
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