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The sinister left
-- Romania has just joined the EU and agreed to house some US bases, but it is already being attacked with all the new media weapons. The bombing against Romania leads to huge manipulation. Le Monde daily puts it briefly: "Romanian" has become synonymous to "Roma" in the Italian press.
The operation was well directed and from the very beginning they have relied on the emotional involvement of the Italians, anyway vexed by the nomads portrayed as Romanians. I am remind...   (44 afisari)
The Constitution modification is a must
-- Together with Monarchy, the Army and the Church are institutions above the political life. They are related to permanence, stability and certainty, references necessary to a nation's morality. They contrast with the world of politics defined by conflict and even shaped by the Constitution, which is flawed in institutional logic terms.
The undefined nature of our republic, which is neither presidential nor parliamentary, is the main source of the...   (27 afisari)
KGB's involvement
-- The rulers in Rome planned the ongoing crisis in Italy to serve Moscow interests. Both PM Romano Prodi and Rome mayor Walter Veltroni are Communists who shifted from anti-racism to xenophobia.
There is an item of news that could have passed unnoticed that fired the bomb made ready by Kremlin's friends. Seemingly without a reason, the left rulers got to deliver far right speeches.
The former president of the European Commission signed an ordinance, although aware it...   (41 afisari)
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Is Romulus Mailat a murderer?
The murder Romulus Mailat is accused of has caused national hysteria in both Italy and Romania. There have lately been rumored several hypotheses and scenarios: rape or no rape, murder or no murder of Giovanna Reggiani, just robbery. Some claim the Romanian woman who denounced Romulus Mailat to the Italian Police lacks ability to discern. Others say Romulus Mailat had an accomplice. Giovanna Reggiani was attacked in a bus station or in a train station. Romulus...   (44 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Roma in Italy head Spain
-- A few thousands of Roma-origin Romanians in Italy, now under threat to be expelled, are getting ready to immigrate to Spain. The information has been provided by several Romanian associations in the latter state, who have warned about the consequences of the Roma's arrival.
Sources explain: "Some of them committed crimes and they will continue to do the same in Italy." They say Madrid and Castellon will be the main Spanish destinations for the Roma Romanians...   (25 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
President baits Romanian students abroad to return home
-- Last Thursday while in Oslo talking to a group of Romanian students studying at the Management University, the President of Romania Traian Basescu commented on the country's prospects and the need to clean the politics in Romania.
The President advised the Romanian students there to return home after graduation and contribute to it. "I am fully convinced those who will come home to work will be at advantage", the President...   (30 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
'Moldovan language' ratified by all parties
The Parliament in Chishinau ratified yesterday the agreements between the Moldovan Republic and the EU concerning the facilitating of visas and readmission of persons. The documents had been signed in Brussels in October 10 and they refer to the 'Moldovan language'.
According to the text, the set of documents Moldovans are asked for in order to get a visas is going to simplify. The visa charge is 35 Euro and in certain cases the visa...   (30 afisari)
Roma-origin Romanians take no interest in Euro-elections
Florin Cioba, the king of the Roma in Romania, says the latter aren't interested in providing support to a political party for the approaching election of MEPs because all the parties have ignored them. He comments: "I will give no polls to anyone in the Euro-elections, because it is pointless. Why would we give them our polls, for later one they won't even talk to us four years or until next spring, when they will start...   (28 afisari)
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