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Romania offended from Romania
I would have expected to hear the hymn of the USSR, the 'host' of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Ukraine, played in Cotroceni Palace when the President in Kiev said goodbye to the Romanian President. Viktor Andriiovici Yushchenko's daring approach to Romania, while in Romania, reminds about his predecessors like Kucima and Stalin. The explanations that followed from Cotroceni Palance presently are unsatisfying and they once again prove that there are no...   (44 afisari)
Auschwitz for Romanians
-- "Reopen Auschwitz for Romanians!" was written in Italian on a banner displayed for a short while in a Rome square two days ago. ZIUA sources in Italy say the Italian policemen took it away soon and then tried to reach the authors. Due to rapid action the incident didn't reach the Italian press, sources claim.
Mailat admits he committed robbery
The Italian judge who questioned yesterday Nicolae Romulus Mailat, the Romanian accused of having killed Italian women...   (82 afisari)
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Italian authorities ready to expel Romanians
The authorities of Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and Florence have started to draw lists of Romanians who may be expelled. The number has already reached 5,000. The camp in Tor di Quinto, inhibited by Roma-origin Romanians, was demolished yesterday. The Italian Police started checks on more locations and arrested some Romanian citizens. They shot a Romanian just as he was stealing something.
As for Romania, it has responded by announcing that...   (43 afisari)
Uninominal vote system under debate
Civil society in Romania is now split in sides because of different views on the uninominal vote system. The adepts of the government's version estimate the complete failure of the electoral reform because of the referendum. On the other hand, the supporters of the majority rule system take it for a universal cure for the diseases of Romanian politics.
During last Thursday's debate of the Group for Social Dialogue Cristian Parvulescu argued as follows:...   (23 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Magyar Guard may spread to Romania
Csibi Barna, formerly an interim president of the National Council of the Secui (Magyar minority in Transylvania) in Miercurea Ciuc, wants to establish the Secui Guard, an organization to be similar to the Magyar Guard and meant to fight for "protecting the Magyar language, making the population aware of the Secui identity and being dedicated to the nation and people". Yesterday he mentioned that a few days before he had published an ad in the...   (42 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Labor force grows scarcer
Romania must stop the labor force immigration and elaborate a governmental plan on how to bring abor force home from abroad, just as it must come up with a strategy on immigration, adapted to the EU one. Romania's labor minister Paul Pacuraru explained it yesterday. He argued: "Romania has got an immigration strategy, but it hasn't been achieved yet. It will have to bring labor force because the development of economy is asking for it. But we don't know...   (27 afisari)
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