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Liar ruler from Chishinau and blockhead subprefects from Bucharest
No matter what Vladimir Voronin does, he always manages to put his foot in it. One of his anthological come outs was the one when he said Jesus Christ belonged to the communists' party. Some other time he sympathized with those who ask for meat croquettes and are being discriminated by when they are given mincemeat balls. All in all, Vladimir Voronin broke loose from all control.
Voronin's latest come out of this kind...   (26 afisari)
Liberals, in search for their future
Adrian Iorgulescu and Varujan Vosganian have raised the problem of the PNL ideological future at the Summer school of the Liberal Youth. If Vosganian believes that the success if the EU integration imposes a rethinking of the PNL doctrine, Iorgulescu, in exchange, pleads for a unalterable maintaining of the current doctrine the way it had been conceived by the Bratianu family.
Starting from the premise hat the community acquis contains all the Liberal...   (14 afisari)
POLITICS - In brief
Tokes and UDMR, separately for the EP
Negotiations between UDMR (Democratic Union of Magyars in Romania) and CNMT (National Council of the Secui, Magyar-origin minority in Transylvania) on the participation of bishop Laszlo Tokes on the Union's list for the Euro-elections failed yesterday, as heated disputes broke out between the two camps, announced CNMT vice-president, Szilagy Zsolt. Although the UDMR representatives agreed in principle that the administration of the funds...   (23 afisari)
POLITICS - In brief
Vote-of-censure barter
-- The Social Democrats play hard trying to get points from PNL
Geoana's party negotiates with the Liberals the possibility to give up the vote of censure. PNL (National Liberal Party) has mandated Bogdan Olteanu to represent the party in the discussions, and Viorel Hrebenciuc will represent PSD (Social Democrat Party).
The Social Democrats have asked funds for their mayors and back up for some projects in exchange for the mitigation of the vote of censure....   (17 afisari)
POLITICS - In brief
Boc hatches increased powers for the president
PD (Democrat Party) president, Emil Boc, wants that the introduction of the uninominal voting be followed by the set up, in 2008, of a committee for the constitutional reform. The Democrat leader has restated his party's proposition to increase the presidential prerogatives, on the model of France.
In essence, the PD project contains five points regarding the president's attributions. First of all, Boc wants that the president...   (16 afisari)
POLITICS - In brief
Ponta criticizes his party
PSD (Social Democrat Party) vice-president, Victor Ponta, criticized yesterday the party's leadership, namely the party's decisions on the conditional support for the current Government, the way candidatures for the elections for the EP were established, as well as the attitude towards president Traian Basescu. Present at the TSD (Social Democrat Youth) Summer School, Ponta reproached the party leaders, still avoided to mention names, a lack of critical...   (18 afisari)
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