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European elections, a national test
The approaching European elections are casting light on a state of things to worry about: the views and action of Romanian political operators lack a European dimension. There are two sentences, of an allegedly strategic value, that we can hear everywhere: 1. The European scrutiny's outcome is relevant as a springboard for the 2008 local and general elections; 2. Electors aren't interested in the European matters. Therefore the European scrutiny would...   (15 afisari)
Basescu was informed about the situation in the Romanian Consulate to Chishinau
A few days after the pro-governmental daily "Moldova Suverana" in the Moldovan Republic published fragments from an allegedly official document on the abuses committed in the release of Romanian visas for Moldovans, the ANAT (National Association of Travel Agencies in the Moldovan Republic) has provided new information on the case, claiming they informed Bucharest authorities in June 5 about "the latest situation...   (18 afisari)
Romania in foreground of project to reform EU
Adrian Severin, a leader of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) parliamentary group in Strasbourg and Brussels, and the French Euro-deputy Alian Lamassoure (from the Union for a People's Move, member of the EPP-DE group) have been assigned to elaborate the project of the great EU reform, within the Constitutional Affairs Committee in the Parliament of Europe. Here are the other members of this exclusivist group: Elmar Brok (the Christian-Democrat...   (16 afisari)
President accused of supporting campaign against ex President
In an open letter written yesterday the ex Romanian President Ion Iliescu protests against "the media lynching campaign" he is under because of his involvement in the coal miners' attacks in June 13-14, 1990. He claims the President of Romania Traian Basescu is supporting this campaign.
In his letter Ion Iliescu denies all the charges against him in the indictment drawn by military prosecutors and he calls them "fanciful charges"....   (23 afisari)
Democrats still top list
Over 80% of Romanians agree that the uninominal vote should be settled, whereas only 10,3% of the electorate is for the keeping of the present poll system, according to the latest opinion poll by the Association for Transparency and Freedom of Expression.
As far as the electoral benefit effecting from the adoption of the pension law is concerned, the research shows the Liberals and the Social-Democrats are perceived as the main promoters of this normative...   (20 afisari)
Tokes estimates failure of talks with UDMR
Last Friday reformed espicope Laszlo Tokes mentioned he might propose to the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) and non-aggression pact for the electoral campaign preceding the election of MEPs in Romania, unless they agreed on a common candidate list. Still he offended the UDMR again, describing the group as "the last post-Communist party in Romania", reproaching the group for not wishing a true change, which was why it...   (17 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Torturers in Police Station 4
A reserve SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) officer, also Romania's ex secretary to the UN, was mistreated and abusively hospitalized at the Mental Hospital no. 9 in Bucharest, because he had written criminal complaints against the policemen working for Police Station 4 in Bucharest, who had muffled some cases.
After ZIUA took attitude, the Romanian interior minister Cristian David ordered checks on the police station. The control body unveiled...   (14 afisari)
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