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Bush reopens America's deepest wound
There have lately been more and more insisting demands on the need to initiate an operation to withdraw the US troops from Iraq as soon as possible. They don't come only from the democratic adversaries of President George W. Bush, but also from his colleagues in the republican team. Four years ago many of them supported the White House boss's decision to invade Baghdad.
The problem is that this country has been not on the verge of a civil war,...   (13 afisari)
President Basescu fuels Chishinau visa scandal
Journalistic findings uncovered visa trafficking in the Romanian Consulate in Chishinau. A few weeks after they were released, the Interior Ministry in the Moldovan Republic announced one link in the affair was under arrest. Chishinau officials presently informed that in the business there were involved high rank officials employed by the Romanian Consulate in Chishinau. Consul Alexandru Rus was unofficially claimed to be part of it. Bucharest's...   (39 afisari)
PNL and PSD dispute over security laws
The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) is criticizing the set of national security laws authored by the PNL (National Liberal Party) and taken over by the government. Senators' juridical committee is going to ask the Permanent Office to consent that the members of the latter committee should elaborate the report on these laws together with the defense committee, given the constitutionality difficulties raised by the PSD senators. The most criticized point...   (28 afisari)
Election of MEPs due in November 25
The Romanian government decided yesterday that the election of MEPs would take place in November 25. Romania is to be represented in the Parliament of Europe by 35 officials. PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu promised the government would see that the election progress under normal circumstances and fraud would be countered.
A team made up of representatives of political parties and government is working on a set of measures meant to do away with...   (17 afisari)
PSD is against lustration
Mircea Geoana, president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), announced yesterday that his party was going to support any law respecting democratic rights and European conventions, but not "the incisive laws trying to reopen wounds", such as the lustration law.
According to the PSD leader, the lustration law may turn into a political instrument. He argued: "Given this, I have got a problem: the lustration law is a political weapon and I wouldn't...   (18 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
Blotting DNA
The ZIUA insight into the activity of the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department) is now progressing. Although in 2006 the institution was the beneficiary of an impressing budget reaching higher than 20 million Euro, the results of the work done by the prosecutors headed by Daniel Morar were disastrous.
The DNA was supposed to handle 1,004 cases, but the anti-corruption investigators managed to complete only 365. In most of these cases it was decided not to open...   (24 afisari)
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