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  Nr. 3283 de marti, 29 martie 2005 
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Current scenarios
The striking ascent of PD
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
Some newspapers are publishing the CURS opinion poll today. It confirms that a party with a rather low score one year ago, starting confrontation with only one important player in the person of Traian Basescu, is now undergoing significant, or even striking growth. PD (the Democrat Party) would have hardly made it to...   (1 afisare)
LATEST- In Brief
The face of death
In Romania, a trial on communism has existed only at statement level. At the time when this phrase came up, documentation funds collected in what we can cal by the general terms of communist archive had already been dispersed to several institutions. Shortly after the fall of communism, it was decided that the latter would take over most of the archive. It was a low profile executive decision 1,134 in 1990 that did it. Then it simply happened by orders released...   (1 afisare)
Surprise visit
-- Basescu went to Iraq and Afghanistan
Romanian president Traian Basescu visited the Romanian soldiers in Iraq on Sunday. Yesterday he also visited the Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan. The Romanian president was accompanied by General Eugen Badalan, state councilor Constantin Degeratu and Sergiu Medar, chief of the military Information department. The visit had not been announced out of security reasons.
After landing in Tallil airport, the Romanian delegation went to Ad Diwanyah...   (1 afisare)
Weak support for Golf missions
CURS released opinion poll yesterday. It was carried out in March 21-26. Most Romanian citizens (55%) are against the presence of Romanian soldiers in Iraq. Only 36% of Romanians still agree to the presence of Romanian troops in the Golf battlefield. 9% express no opinion at all. Most voters (76%) of PPRM (the Popular "Great Romania" Party) voters disagree with it, as well as most PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) voters. (60%). As for the adepts of PNL (the...   (1 afisare)
Robbed of inner organs
-- Austrian doctors refuse all explanations
A young Romanian from Deva died because of stroke on his hospital bed in Vienna. Austrian doctors are accused of extracting the heart, liver and kidneys from the body of Razvan Ilie Halga, although they had no consent from the family. Prosecutors are to decide if this is about inner organ trafficking.
Gunter Edelmann, doctor-in-chief of the intensive surgery department in Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung hospital in Vienna refused...   (1 afisare)
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