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Illusionary congregationalism
Church congregationalism is a process only in relation to the rest of the Orthodox Church, not with the state. This is why the use of this phrase, lasting for decades, is deceitful and it may lead to mistakes, all of them favoring the Church, which thus becomes overcredible as institution. In fact, the Church does many a time depend on the state and is subordinate to it. It can be manipulated and turn into a target, as well as into an instrument of political...   (33 afisari)
Patriarch's death under inquiry
The Discipline Committee off the College of Doctors in Bucharest has taken attitude at the way the deceased Patriarch was hospitalized and also at the respect for the pre-surgery procedures in the case of the surgery doctor Ioan Sinescu performed on the Patriarch Teoctist.
The Committee informs: "Given the legal norms, the Committee is going to make the official procedures needed for obtaining the medical documents in the Urology Clinic of Fundeni Hospital...   (54 afisari)
Resurrection service for the Patriarch
His Holiness the Teoctist, a Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, was interred in a sepulchre in the Metropolitan Cathedral yesterday, next two three of his predecessors: Miron, Nicodim and Iustin. Over 8,000 Christians from all over Romania and delegations from abroad attended the burial religious service.
The service started a short while before noon with a religious service headed by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople,...   (42 afisari)
Europeans and Americans trust doctors, Romanians trust Church
In Europe and the US doctors are the beneficiaries of most trust from the population, whereas politicians are the most distrusted category, according to the research released yesterday and cited by Reuters. Teachers, policemen and soldiers are also admired for their integrity, whereas managers, journalists and lawyers are thought to be unworthy of trust, according to the study by the German company GfK.
The Italians, Bulgarians...   (37 afisari)
LATEST - In Brief
PSD keeps on making promises
In just one month the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) has promised no less than 10 legislative initiatives, all of them involving funds from the state budget. The representatives of Mircea Geoana's party have been talking about grants for students and lodging places for the youth, damages to be paid to agriculture workers, the making of a fund for the Romanian retired, wages for priests and the raise of the minimum salary in Romania.
The PSD heads...   (22 afisari)
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