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Povesti, destine, intamplari

tzara din babadag (...@hotmail.com, IP: 78.96.114...)
2008-10-08 20:09
articol preluat integral si textual , cu poza, din alta publicatie:

"Terri carefully leans her burned face on her deformed hands. Her body is covered in scar tissue, and doctors have operated on the brave young girl more than 60 times over the last ten years - but Terri is still extremely disfigured.
Terri (12)

The 12-year-old girl has now, however, forgiven the person responsible for all her suffering – her own mother!

When Terri was two years old, Julie Calvesbert from, Ipswich in the UK, accidentally dropped a burning cigarette butt in her daughter’s bed. The blanket caught fire and the child was very seriously injured.

She suffered burns to 90 per cent of her skin. The doctors did not believe she would survive the accident. But brave baby Terri overcame the odds and pulled through.

But she did lose her mother - Julie Calvesbert could not deal with the guilt and the sight of her disfigured daughter and left the family.

Terri said: “My dad has been with me at every one of my operations, he’s comforted me, he’s washed and dressed me.”

But now, Terri is back in touch with her mother.

Read the full story and see the pics at www.bild.com flag regisb 4 hours ago
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...pe de alta parte aceasta preluare de informatie are meritul de a da un model de comportament si informatii oamenilor din tara noastra care se afla in astfel de situatie... ce pacat ca la noi cazul acesta se intimpla de citeva mii de ori pe an...

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