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Lefter.Popescu din Hollandia, nene! (...@fastemailer.com, IP: 212.142.143...)
2008-02-13 03:07
Ca la Cei trei muschetari, nu alta

Nobilimea poarta arma, boboru' n-are voie. Deci daca un locotenent beat se cearta cu un taximetrist, poate sa-l impuste fara somatie si apoi sa-l declare pe taximetrist ca este .. arab terorist sau asa ceva. Ca mortul si-asa nu mai poate nega acuzatzia..
Imbecilitate dambovitzeana. Mai ales aia cu militarii ALTOR state (USA presupun) care isi vor adjudeca (dupa 4-5 paharele de tarie amerecantza, cand da din ei drojdia de ocupant invincibil), fetele-n discoteca impuscand romanii civili cu care au venit damele acolo.
Ne indreptam catre DICTATUREA Universala si cozile astea de topor ale Stapanirii incep deja ACUM sa primeasca drepturi EXTRA, ca sa simta ca FAC PARTE DIN SISTEMUL PRIVILEGIAT NOU, sunt ceva MAI PRESUS de legea aia EGALITARISTA pentru civilii prosti:
UIte de unde li se trage arogantza asta nesabuita:

" Gates told Europe that NATO’s survival is at stake: “We must not--we cannot--become a two-tiered alliance of those willing to fight and those who are not.” In a rare bit of honesty for an American government official, Gates admitted at the NATO conference in Munich last week that Europeans’ anger at the US over Iraq is the reason Europe won’t send enough troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, thus putting what Gates disingenuously called “the international mission in Afghanistan” at risk of failure.

The Afghanistan “mission,” like the Iraq “mission,” was a mission for US and Israel hegemony. The official reason for invading Afghanistan was 9/11 and the alleged refusal of the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Europe, NATO, or any “international mission.” The official reason for invading Iraq was alleged, but nonexistent, weapons of mass destruction that allegedly threatened America--another, but more deadly, 9/11 in the making according to the Bush regime.

If the US now needs foreign troops to save its bacon in these two lost wars, it should demand them from Israel. Israel is why the US is at war in the Middle East. Let Israel supply the troops. The neocons who dominated the Bush regime and took America to illegal wars are allied with the extreme right-wing government of Israel. The goal of neoconservatism is to remove all obstacles to Israeli territorial expansion. The Zionist aim is to grab the entirely of the West Bank and southern Lebanon, with more to follow later.

Remember “mission accomplished”? Remember all the strutting neocons with their promises of a “cakewalk war”? Remember all the ignorant bragging about having “defeated the Taliban”? All of these lies were designed to tie American down in interminable wars in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit. There is no other reason for Bush’s invasions. We know for certain that Bush and his entire administration lied through their teeth about the Taliban and about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

What a total crock of ignorance and deception the Bush regime represents. Bush, defeated in Iraq, defeated in Afghanistan, with Pakistan crumbling in front of his eyes, is now reduced to begging the French, whom it was such grand sport for his neocon officials to denigrate, to send soldiers to save his ass in Afghanistan."

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