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George Dumitrescu (...@bigpond.net.au, IP: 58.161.208...)
2009-01-06 11:05

And just like the Warsaw ghetto uprising, the inhabitants behind the walls, built tunnels and used sewers to smuggle in weapons from outside allies to fight with all the means that they had (armed with smuggled or captured rifles, pistols and grenades, along with locally produced bombs and Molotov cocktails). The insurgents had little ammunition, and relied heavily on improvised explosive devices (IED’s) and incendiary bottles. And like the Warsaw ghetto uprising, the inhabitants vow to fight to the death and use suicide as a tactic (some of the Warsaw ghetto fighters committed suicide rather than being caught in fact many of their leaders took cyanide at Mila 18 headquarters rather than surrender).
And believe me, the Warsaw ghetto fighters would have used rockets everyday as well, if they had them in their possession through smuggling the rockets from outside allies into the walled ghetto which was surrounded by the armed forces of the Nazis and their Allies.
The parallels are overwhelming

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