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2008-05-28 21:47:58

Lumina lina a sfintei slave a Tatalui ceresc

este singura forma de manifestare prin care noi oamenii avem
acces la cunoasterea Lui. Este o lumina intelegatoare, care are

Poate cunoasteti descrierea ce a facut-o Nicolae de la Rohia
experientei sale, atunci cand l-a vizitat Lumina.

Mai jos am sa copiez o descriere la fel de valoroasa a unui
ieromonah rus, Sofronie Saharov, un om educat.
Imi cer iertare, este in engleza.

Its nature is mysterious - in what terms can it be described?
Incomprehensible, invisible, yet it may sometimes be seen by the
phisycal eye. Quiet and gentle, it draws heart and mind to itself,
until the earth is forgotten, one's spirit caught up into another sphere. It is a soft Light, yet more powerful than all around.

In strange fashion it embraces from without. You see it, but your attention is drawn deep within the inner man, into the heart burning with a love now compassionate, now grateful. It may happen
that one is not aware of the material world, of external
circumstances, and one sees oneself as light.

Aches and pains disappear. Earthly cares fade away. Anxieties are absorbed into a sweet peace. (...)

This holy Light, coming in strengh, brings humble love, banishes all
doubt and fear, obliterates every earthly consideration - the whole
pyramid of secular grades and hierarchies. The repentant man
becomes a nobody, as it were: he no longer stands in the way of his brothers, seeks no place for himself in the world. This Light is in itself
life imperishable, suffused by the peace of love. It brings to our spirit knowledge of another, indescribable Being. The mind is stayed, above reflection by the very fact of its entry ionto a new form of life.

2008-05-28 22:01:07


Weightless, more finely attuned than anything the earth knows,
the Light conveys to the soul invulnerability, making her safe
from everything that hitherto weighed her down. Death flees
from this Light, and the prayer, "O holy God, holy and strong,
holy and immortal" in marvellous fashion is conjoint with it.

Our spirit exults: this Light is God - God Almighty and at the same
time indescribable gentle. Oh, how discreet its approach! It will
heal the heart broken by despair. The soul bruised by sin, it will
inspire with the hope of victory.

The strength that is salvation lies in a firm belief in the Christ-God.
He is the supreme fact of Unoriginate Being. He is the Beginning and the End - Alpha and Omega.

2008-05-28 22:12:10

si un sfarsit

This Light, which "cometh down from the Father of lights"
regenerates and even re-creates us. There is a radical
change in the focus of our attention - before, it was centred
on the material and temporary. Grace causes it to turn
inwards and thence rise to the spiritual sphere of the
"unseen and eternal".

Temporal things that earliar seemed important, maybe of
great moment, our spirit now finds insignificant. Riches,
power, fame and the like lose their attraction. Even science,
which does not bring us really vital knowledge - knowledge
of God - like philosophical speculation, which is not life in
the true sense, ceases to have anything but transitory value.

2008-05-29 01:26:15

Iisus Hristos este Lumina Oamenilor....

alex dalaion
2008-05-29 09:20:24

Re: Iisus Hristos este Lumina Oamenilor....

2008-05-29 10:41:22

o sa vedem va inseamna

cind n'o sa vina odata,in afara de,ca uiti cu totul,unde esti!?!

2008-05-29 10:47:08

Va pierdeti timpul cu el..

alex dalaion
2008-05-29 11:09:21

Re: Va pierdeti timpul cu el..

2008-05-29 12:25:34


a umblat si prin gradina Raiului ? Ca de "lunmina" Biblia nu vorbeste nimic. Si daca s-ar indrepta calendarul, si s-ar sarbatori Pastile la data corecta chiar dupa principiul ortodox, n-ar mai veni lumina ? Si ce inseamna ca "s-ar omori oamenii acolo unul pe altul" ? Asta trebuie sa fie atitudinea unui crestin intr-o biserica ? Sa se calce in picioare ?

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