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2007-03-17 18:12:54

It's about time !

Now, a little intelligence work from the American military would not heart. Especially at Oradea, where a group of shady people operate under the disguise of being the CIA, and in the years 1970, when they were beating girls before injecting them with some injections, they boasted that they are the CIA. The way it was described to me, I came to the conclusion that there is a secret tunnel going from the securitatea/circulatia building (the one where the passport section was), to the military hospital nearby, where some very strange "telephone" type treatments were given to the victims, before they disappeared from the country.
So if they read this, here is what I have to say: No CIA agents in their right mind would declare themselves as such, especially in a communist ruled country like Romania. As far as the sadistic things they did to Dana, as I said before, the ones responsible will be dealt with by the American military intelligence, they don't play double games and intrigue makings, nor can they permit themselves to boast to one side that they are CIA catching Soviet spies, and to the other side, that they are the KGB catching American spies. It's time to find out who they are, and what they did in the last 40 years or so.

2007-03-17 20:59:13


Hey America!

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