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JMJ din rasarit (...@comcast.net, IP: 209.6.150...)
2008-11-18 05:35
Grup In Cautarea lui Dumnezeu, in Romania

Am gasit pe site la Edgar Cayce ca exista reprezentant si in Romania.
Se numeste Catalin Parfene, tel. 40.722 148983
email parfenecatalin@hotmail.com
Mi-ar fi placut sa infiintez si eu unul dar nu sunt in tara.
cateva informatii despre aceste grupuri, prin care se obtine "INSIDE INFORMATION" de la Sf. Spirit:
A Search for God, Books I and II.

Today, these books are used as the primary text for study in hundreds of small groups around the world. Each group has it’s own personality, of course, but for most groups, there are three primary focuses:

* Studying and discussing the material. Rather than just reading through the text, group members discuss their understanding of the information. Cayce insisted that everything one needs lies within self. In this sense, each person becomes their own teacher, and a teacher to others in the group as they show the results in their lives.

* Choosing a portion of the text, or an idea from the text and discussion, to “try-on” as an experiment until the next meeting. Personal experiences are then discussed at the subsequent meeting. In this way, the concepts from the readings are brought into practical application. Cayce says this is where the soul growth occurs; not simply by knowing, but through applying the principles.

* Meditation and prayer. Through group meditation, members seek greater attunement with the Universal Forces. Guidelines and suggestions from the Cayce readings provide a safe framework for this activity. Prayers for others follow the meditation time.

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