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gefiltefisch (...@actcom.co.il, IP: 80.230.29...)
2008-09-29 18:56
Tesu si Mossadul 2

Potrivit site-ul agentiei nationale de presa siriana SANA:

"Damascus,(SANA)- Preliminary investigations by the specialized security bodies have revealed that the car bomb which was used in yesterday morning 27.9.2008 bombing near Lady Zeinab crossing in Damascus was a wine- colored GMC , Suburban , plate No. 83115 , gold lined on both sides , engine No. 3 GKGK 26U 3X2185882 .

The car entered the country on Sept. 26th ,2008 through the border center of a neighboring Arab state.

The investigations showed that a suicide terrorist had driven the car and blew himself and the car up .

Currently work is being focused on identifying the terrorist by examining the DNA of the remains of his bodies.

The investigation with the suspects in connection with the bombing of the GMC reveled that the suicide bomber had a link with an Infidelization group , a Takfir group, some members of which were arrested earlier.

The investigations are continuing with them and the search is being conducted for those who are in hiding .

The terrorist operation took place in a crowded area and caused the loss of 17 lives and wounding 14 others and all were civilians.

The terrorist operation was strongly and widely condemned on Arab and international levels where Arab and foreign leaders denounced the terrorist act and expressed solidarity with Syria.

The terrorist act was also condemned by the UN. Security Council , UN. Secretary General , and by Arab , regional , and international organizations.

A. N.Idelbi


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