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Omul cu Picioare foarte Paroase din Bimbilezia Meridionala (...@aust.net, IP: 203.57.44...)
2008-01-01 16:11
Oh yes - I'm truly happy to see His Majesty Michael 1st - fully valued as a King / Monarch - and as

..an ALTERNATIVE and Advisor to President Basescu... And I'd feel better knowing that HIS MAJESTY - and NOT VACAROIU or that sinister bald Olteanu may be in charge when the President is abroad... And I'd like to see His Majesty as a Honorary Ambassador / Representative of Romania at the United Nations.. still he is alive and kicking... But NOT that krapy son-in-law... And YES - I'd like to see a Princess - raising as a Queen.. similar to the UK Monarchy...

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