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  04:56, joi, 28 ianuarie 2021
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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.135...)
2009-12-22 20:55
The lack of liberties in this "democracy" of The Ghetto; the Romanian: the poorest of the poorest..

The liberties are missing in The Ghetto: the liberty of having high-tech (to double the life-span), the liberty of having a working place, the liberty of not having the richest people as The Empowered in front of the poorest guys around the world...
The Romanian are the poorest of the poorest: Mircea Badea was protesting in The Victory Place against the slow way of building a poor highway of only 42-45 km length in 2 yrs, the people will have theirs income (pension, salary...) in 2, 010 at half of the value for the year 2, 009...
Some people of The Empowered are buying objects of 9, 000 euros in a minute (shoes, purses), this is the salary of a normal worker on 40 months,,,
The gas, the electricity and water are cut down regularly, the pensions and salaries will be cut down in 2, 010... There will be 1, 000, 000 unemployed: these people and their families will be exterminated through starvation; The ARMY OF SKELETONS...
This is the reality of Th Ghetto... No tourism, no medicine, no education, no transportation, no salaries, no non-polluting energy, no nothing... This is the poorest Ghetto of the poorest...

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