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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 109.166.131...)
2009-12-18 16:43
The plan to dismantle Romania is going on; the prmotors of civil war: gov., some economic analysts

Spies of different colors have come in Romania, The Neocommunist Ghetto, to promote the civil war... They will fire 150, 000 people and let 4, 000, 000 Romanian to die of starvation (1, 000, 000 unemployed= 4, 000, 000 members of the families)... That means civil war; the starving people will have only 2 options: die of starvation or die on the streets in order to regain the liberty.
Traitors of PSD: M. Oprischan, the owner of a villa of 500 square meters on each level in a forest, M. Mytrea, the owner of properties in German countries, some other people of the libertarian party, M. Serbian, the one who sold himself for a sum of money and few trips in remote places...
The UDMR is demanding hard measures against the Romanian: in order to make the civil war happen... Spies of the Occult have been coming to the country to make the people suffer through starvation, lack of health, of extreme hi-tech... The orange power will take on all the posts of local administration and commence the Jihad against those that do not belong to their party...
They demand the dismiss of 150, 000 people, that means 600, 000 members of families that will die in no time of starvation... The security guys of the Invisible News Security Staff are pushing up the things to this goals...
The UDMR will take the disorder of The Ghetto Romania as a good opportunity to dismantle the country... People have been living in bad conditions since no one knows when in The Ghetto called Romania...

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