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endevour (...@gmail.com, IP: 93.122.135...)
2009-12-15 21:39
We hope that the next 6 yrs will pass as they didn't exist so we can see the future, not starvation

That is our desire, we do not want cruel capitalism with dog and death faces, we do not want scientific socialism or state capitalism, greedy politicians, aiming for bone, we only want
to see the good future with extreme hi-tech, able to double the life-span, not people that are living in darkness, we don't want famine and 1, 000, 000 unemployed, poorness, repression, Neocommunist Ghetto... Good Future is very angry with all these stupid things and ordeals that normal people should endure! The people of the good future will rewrite the official history of these places, replacing with the real one, The History of Ghettos and Modern Slavery (people were condemned to premature deaths, poorness, lack of hi-tech: the so-called polenta materials from which were made out the cars, buildings, objects that are not resilient, the lack of energetic materials and safe means of transportation: hydrogen hypersonic jets with salvation capsules)!
Why you stop the good future to come? It will come anyway! And the total racism of nowadays societies (natural selection) will vanish away!
Of course, there are some dreamers that can be fooled by everyone, those that were born yesterday: listen to me, there is ONLY ONE PARTY, ONE GHETTO, AND presidents are elected for your personal misery, so you can suffer all the time (low salaries, low medicine, low transportation)... And the opposants are terminated by the agents (Miron M., Oprishan etc, those from the libertarian party) of THE ONLY PARTY EXISTENT...
Those dreamers are sedated by the drugs of the so-called democracy and the agents are bought with huge sum of money!

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