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Ion Caramache (...@aol.com, IP: 205.188.116...)
2008-08-09 06:43
Complet de acord

<<< Soljenitsin calls for imposing the law of death sentence. For the terrorists. It means Chechen terrorists. It is not some toilet pisser but patriarch of anti-communism, conscience of nation, writer of the worldly name, winner of Noble prize! Look, he knows, and it is impossible that he does not know, that today the terrorists are 10 years old boys and not 12 years old, as was in the time of Stalin. On the streets of Gudermes, Shali, Chiri-Yurt, the drunken OMON soldiers attempt their best of young sheep boldness and without its leading guidence. >>>
Pavel Luzakov Kavkaz-Center, 17 mai 2001

Domnule Horasangian, ati fi scris la fel despre Alexandr Soljenitzin daca apelul lui mentionat mai sus se referea la luptatorii din Nagorno-Karabakh ?

<<< Dispare un om, ramane o idee: ca adevarul este mai presus de orice. >>> Bedros Horasangian

Complet de acord.
Ion Caramache

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