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Tudor190 (...@yahoo.com, IP: 198.28.129...)
2009-11-02 18:42
Un cometariu pertinent

You will have to do that, to dig out the truth, and to stop that vaccination is being used to depopulate. This old dogma of immunization that just doesn’t work has to be cleared, people/politicians, have to get enlighten about this in what they blindly believe. The whole virology is build around postulates that have never been proofed for nearly 100 years, and can’t be proofed. This whole pseudo science virology is just there to justify all the contradictions it creates.

Why do retroviruses in the 70th were invented? Cause Genetic science was build until then then, on the believe that the DNA in a cell is some kind of static thing. That only RNA can be generated from DNA not the way round! But evolutionary Genetics has proven that there was at first RNA from which DNA was recreated. And this they have observed in the 70th that RNA is transcribed back into DNA, the reverse transcription. And they had to invent an exceptional rule to protect the world of science they worked for. And that exception rule was that this RNA was not from the host organism itself, but from an exogenic virus that invades the cell, breeds there and destroys it. Never been proven.

So when they tried to explain cancer through a virus infection, they observed that there was reverse transcription going on in the whole body all over the place, and when they tried to stop it, they must admit that this had not any influence on the cancer. So they quickly had to give up this idea. But then this drug was taken out of the drawer again with birdflu, as an anti-retroviral drug. It stops the enzyme reverse protease to transcribe RNA back into DNA, which is a repair process, observed in phyto planktons that those RNA material “viruses” live in coexistence with the cells and it has never been observed that they do something harmful. So in fact Tamiflue prevents the organism, the DNA of the cells from repairing himself/itself. There can be discovered so many frauds in that pseudoscience virology based on:
- arbitrariness of symptoms
- arbitrariness of diagnosis
-arbitrariness of detection methods/test methods, (CPR, lol is not even recommended from the designer for virus diseases diagnosis, check how they proceed there, for quantitative analysis, they use a multiplication analysis tool..) the way of reproduction (virus morphology based on the chicken embryo model , lol still in use check what is done there and how they try to justify it what they do there, lol)
- and much more…

It’s time that people get enlightened about this lethal fraud that has always been used to kill people.
Goethe wrote in Faust 300 years ago: "Medicamentul era gata. Oamenii mureau./Dar nimeni nu-ntreba: se face vreunul sanatos?/Astfel cu infernalele tertipuri/Prapad facuram prin aceste vai, mai fioros,/Decit facuse ciuma. Insumi dat-am din otrava/La mii de oameni. To?i s-au stins./Si-acum vazusi, cum suntem ridica?i in slava, /Noi, noi netrebnicii si ucigasii! "
And it’s still the same world, the unabashed murderers the practitioners are praised. This has to be stopped, if you can stop that medicine is being misused for politics, then politics has a chance to recover. "The domination of the Pseudo-Science must be overcome by means of a Social science which is characterized by its obligation to truthfulness and by the possibility to verify it and to control its actions. The language of the present university medical science reveals that in it, an uncontrolled democratically-lawfully prevailing orthodoxy stands in the foreground, when the Orthodox Medicine Practitioners and the State are referring, as justification for their actions, to the dominant opinion of medical science to which we supposedly have to submit even if this prevailing orthodoxy maintains that the babies are brought by the stork or that the earth is flat. We have however no reason to complain. It is us who tolerate this Governmental behaviour. Anyway, nobody should wonder if he continues to accept that we must surrender ourselves to this prevailing orthodoxy. As we are doing now faced with the absurdity of the Bird Flu allegations, if he then wakes up one morning and with horror realizes that he is dead. Killed by that prevailing orthodoxy which he as a citizen of a democratic state built on law has tolerated. In a democratic state built on law, the bird flu panic would be just as impossible as would AIDS and vaccinations. We the citizens must create the constitutional state. Then not only AIDS but also the pseudoscience and the bird flu will have no chance. I can only say: Check things out! Use your reason! ”
Dr. Stefan Lanka

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