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Tudor190 (...@yahoo.com, IP: 198.28.128...)
2009-11-02 16:56
Does vaccinating make sense?

No! Because vaccinating is comprehensive fraud. It has never been possible to create diseases with relevant microbes. In the year 1882, the bacteriologist Robert Koch started scientific fraud on political orders. As neither he himself nor others managed to cause the purported diseases with bacteria, he produced, in totally insane and cruel animal experiments, "similar symptoms“ and assessed this as proof for the ability to infect someone. All those who vaccinate refer to these experiments from the 19th Century.

Yes! If one accepts and approves that the governments of the world irreversibly implant nerve poisons such as mercury, aluminum, solvents etc by bypassing detoxification with vaccination. These nerve poisons provoke gradual to manifest stupidification, development disturbances of all kinds, paralysis and death of the vaccinated and serve to break the will of human beings. If the reactions to vaccines go beyond the average, then the law speaks of „vaccine damage“.

No! Because ‚the ability to infect’ was exclusively defined as poisoning by scientific medicine (Virchow, Max von Pettenkofer, Rush, Klein and others) which has recognized diseases objectively correct between poisoning, deficiency and brain functions. And the latin name for poison, for example in water through faeces, decay poisons in food and from corpses is Virus.Experiments were carried out publicly which have disproven the statements about „infection“ through microbes and vaccination.

Yes! If one accepts and approves that „vaccinating“ has turned the human being into an easily manipulatable object who now believes that health does not result from onself, but requires a strong state and its pharma industry. Because the one who allows to be vaccinated, will allow anything and will no longer notice that he/she is being poisoned and killed with antibiotics, chemotherapy, irradiation, gen technology etc.

No! Because none of those „viruses“ that claim to make you ill, like smallpox, polio, hepatitis, aids, ebola, measles, mumps, rubella and tic viruses has ever been seen, isolated and proven as existent. State medicine invented these „viruses“ in order to conceal vaccination and medication damages. This fact can easily be checked by anyone. There is no publication in scientific literature in which a scientist states and proves that he isolated and characterized the relevant virus out of a sick person. Relevant text books present, with fraudulent intention, models and photographs of cells as ‚viruses’. Any amateur can learn, within a couple of days, the isolating, photographing and characterizing of viruses which exist – and which are all harmless.

Yes! If one accepts and approves that by way of „vaccinating“ in the Third World, massive „population control“, speak euthanasia, was and is executed. The vaccines there contain pregnancy hormones to prevent conception, gentech activated nuclein acid to sterilize males as well, plutomium with which whole tribes have been poisoned, etc. If the same nerve poisons are contained in these vaccines as in this country, then in a much higher concentration, up to 100 and 1000-fold. The resulting „vaccine damages“, acute liver failure and resulting whole boody bleeding will then be termed „ebola“, „marburg“, „crimea-congo“, „lassa“ infection etc or as „Aids“.

No! Because even since Pasteur, no vaccine contains what it claims to contain: viruses or parts thereof! If one enquires at the responsible authorities, the answer is given that this is a company secret of the manufacturer which has to be protected by the state. The health authorities, medical association and physicians conceal that each vaccine contains poisons, such as mercury, aluminum, solvents etc. Without which the „serum“ would never produce a reaction! Inserts are generally not distributed.

Yes! If one accepts and approves that the CDC and EIS and therefore the Pentagon manipulate the national health authorities through the WHO, and created through parliaments the legal frame to suspend civil rights any time and anywhere.A nd who execute a psychoterror, which is proven to result in ill health, against their own people by making dishonest statements about biowarfare, e.g. anthrax, pox, polio etc.

No! Because all numbers shown by the state show clearly that „vaccinations“ never had any influence on falling numbers of diseases, quite to the contrary. This is an easily uncovered fraud of those in favor of vaccinations in the production of statistics. The same goes for the definition of the various „infectious“ diseases. These are constantly changed in order to proof, on one hand, the success of „vaccinations“, such as the change of the definition of „smallpox“ and „polio“ to show their disappearance and on the other hand to invent new „infectious diseases“, such as AIDS.

Yes! If one accepts that genocide happens in your own country, because the German penal code defines „vaccination“ as genocide: „Who, with the intention to wholly or partly destroy a national, racial, religious or ethnic group as such, impose living conditions which are suitable to effect their physical destruction wholle or partly will be punished with life long imprisonment. In lesser cases, the punishment is no less than five years.“ Appeal!

Those who continue to recommend, execute or allow vaccination, following these statements of facts. The advice is that the facts stated in this flyer will be checked by the reader. The simplest way to do this is to ask the relevant authorities for a scientific publication in which a scientist states and proves that he has isolated and shown the relevant illness causing „virus“ taken from an ill person. This is called the compliance with the First Koch Postulate, which medicine states contrary to better knowledge.

The law here demands proof according to the current state of science and technology. Therefore, proving the existence of a „virus“ that causes disease requires the thermionic microscopic photograph of the isolated virus and the biochemical characterizing of the virus components. As such a proof does not exist anywhere, it becomes clear that the nerve poisons in the vaccines are intentionally implanted in the population. With this wanted deception and poisoning of the population, every citizen is obliged to file charges with the police against executioners and those involved in vaccinations. Please make copies of this

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