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Arcturus (...@gmail.com, IP: 141.76.45...)
2008-12-18 22:00
:)) cica acolitii lui Saddam

Mai bine vedeti ce zice si Juan Cole inainte sa inghititi orice galusca aruncata spre voi:


The NYT reports that an elite counter-terrorism unit that reports directly to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has arrested 38 officials in the Interior Ministry (similar to US Homeland Security). They are accused of belonging to the neo-Baath "al-`Awdah" party and of plotting a coup against the Iraqi government.

This cover story makes no sense, and it seems more likely that al-Maliki is continuing to clean house and is purging Interior of people placed there by previous governments or by the US CIA and Department of Defense. The Interior Ministry was set up by Naqib al-Falah, an ex-Baathist Sunni whose father had been a Baathist general who defected in the 1970s. Ayad Allawi was the CIA's point man in organizing the defecting officers in London. Naqib Falah was brought onto the cabinet by CIA Allawi when the latter was appointed interim prime minister by the US in 2004. Falah seeded Interior with fellow Sunni ex-Baathists and set up a special police commando unit that initially targeted Shiites. Likewise, Iraqi Intelligence appears to have been a mainly CIA operation in 2003-2006.

When the Shiite United Iraqi Alliance won the 2005 elections, PM Ibrahim Jaafari gave interior to Bayan Jabr, a Turkmen member of the pro-Iran Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in iraq. Jabr reconfigured the special police commandos as a hard line Shiite unit. But neither Jaafari nor al-Maliki has had complete control of the bureaucracy, and many of Falah's ex-Baathists, whether Sunni or Shiite, managed to hold on to their jobs. Until now. Anyway, that is my guess.

Otherwise, it is not plausible at this late date that 28 people in Interior could make a neo-Baath coup.

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