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Tzarul Putin (...@serbiancafe.com, IP: 89.136.45...)
2007-12-08 13:15
Confesiunile unui soldat american mobilizat in Kosovo

I was an American Soldier who served at Bondsteel from Sep 05 - Jun 07, and I say with a heavy heart that we backed the wrong side in the conflict. 200 Churches destroyed, 1/4 of a million people pushed from their homes, and this is with a NATO force there. What is committed in war on both sides was disgraceful, Albanian terrorist targeted old women, policemen, and civillians to incite the heavy handed Serbs who then destroyed villages as the terrorists hid in the hills. What is inexcusable is that with 50,000 troops and now 16,000 troops Serbs are still targets for discrimination, murder, and intimidation in their own countries. My nation sends its boys to Bosnia and Kosovo to support terrorists and tell the Serbs "bad serbs", then we go over to Iraq and Afghanistan and kill terrorists. Not to mention we do nothing for the genocide in Rawanda and the Sudan, but go into Kosovo for 2,000 dead terrorists. Lord have mercy . . .

Anthony, Bayonne, NJ, USA


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