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2007-02-19 01:44:00

Sure , sure! :-)

US solution:

And Mr. Bush a respected leader at home and abroad:
Even his glorious soldiers don't want him anymore.

This guy knew what he said:

2007-02-19 17:46:53

What means to be a moderate country...

Anyone remember when Romania was held up by all and sundry in the west as being the most liberal Communist country? Of course, back in those days everyone seemed to believe it. I don't know of anyone outside the government who says that Saudi Arabia is really a moderate country.

The problem is that democratical forces simply don't exist in the Arab world. Moderates are those, who, at least, don't support terrorist gangs, who don't arm Hizballah and Hamas, who act responsibly on the international arena and try to prevent the Middle East from further deteriorization and destabilization. It will take decades for the Arab world to produce its own democratic forces, right now, the regimes in Egypt or Morocco or Qatar are really the only possible allies for the West in the Middle East. Except for democratic Israel, of course, which is the most reliable and the most stable ally of the West in the current (and rapidly escalating) confrontation between the Middle Ages kind of radicalism and modern secular democratic values.

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