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The assassins' friends
The battle between Vasile Blaga and Sorin Oprescu is not a confrontation between Traian Basescu and Ion Iliescu, as political analysts are claiming. It is neither a battle between the right and the left, as the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) likes to think. This is out of question! Bucharest inhabitants have got a choice to make between two people who have got a FSN (Front for National Salvation) sense in common. None of the two candidates should feel indignation. The FSN sense doesn't mean just membership to the FSN or involvement in the planning and the progress of the coal miners' attacks that shed blood in Bucharest and got Romania off rails. The FSN sense also means solidarity with the plotters of the coup d'etat in December 1989 and their other actions: confiscation of power by reactivating class hatred and using violence of state.
The seed of wrath in this ongoing electoral campaign consists in the FSN sense and the FSN coal miners' attacks! It was Vasile Blaga who started firing, with support from his party colleagues and Traian Basescu. Sorin Oprescu is not at all independent, since he is Ion Iliescu's man, in fact. He hasn't taken any distance from this gloomy character who fetched the flocks of coal miners to beat black and blue the very Bucharest inhabitants he now wants to rule over as mayor. This is an attack coming from the PD-L (Democrat-Liberal Party) and Traian Basescu. I am independent, I have got nothing to do with the coal miners' attacks, I was no member of the FSN, I met Ion Iliescu in 1995, whereas Vasile Blaga and the PD-L people were members of the FSN. This is Sorin Oprescu's reply and counterattack. Such recriminations include public information. Vasile Blaga is right to accuse Sorin Oprescu of solidarity with the author of the coal miners' attacks. Sorin Oprescu can in his turn be right to accuse Vasile Blaga of the same thing: solidarity with the coal miners' attacks in June. This is what the FSN sense means. This is actually the climax of it. Two people sharing a FSN sense accusing each other of having a FSN sense.
But nothing abnormal so far. Or, better said, this is our wretched normality. What is truly enraging is the PD-L response to Sorin Oprescu's attack. We left the FSN in 1992, Traian Basescu says. We didn't continue together with a murderer such as Ion Iliescu. Unlike Sorin Oprescu, we denied him and his horrible coal miners' attacks. It is strange that no one has reacted to such blunt lies, and all the more Sorin Oprescu. You left nothing in 1992. Ion Iliescu and his gang left the FSN after some battles over power and they established the FDSN (Democrat Front for National Salvation). You stayed in the FSN, with Petre Roman top of the list. Later one you chose a different name, the PD (Democrat Party). And at the beginning the FSN was also part of this name. You denied just Ion Iliescu and the coal miners' attacks in September 1991, by which Ion Iliescu drove your boss away from the government. It is true you didn't continue together with Ion Iliescu the murderer. But you continued together with Petre Roman the murderer, his accomplice in the big coal miners' attacks in June 1990. It actually means you denied the president of the coal miners' attacks, but you embraced the PM instead. In case someone tells Traian Basescu that he himself and his party have got a problem with the taking of distance from the coal miners' attacks in June 1990 and from its plotter, that is Petre Roman, I am curious to see if he is hypocrite enough to reply: "Well, I was not the one to drive Petre Roman away from the PD!" He didn't drive him away to punish him for the bloody deeds in June 13-15, did he?
Neither Vasile Blaga nor Traian Basescu or Sorin Oprescu were involved in the coal miners' attacks. But no matter what they say, they have proved solidarity with the assassins due to the political paths they have gone. No matter where their members are now, the FSN groups of Petre Roman and Ion Iliescu bear the stigma of the coal miners' attacks because of which Romania is not even now coming to senses. The difference between them is that Ion Iliescu is stil a top in politics, unlike Petre Roman, a politician now rather forgotten. Therefore almost no one can notice the connection between Vasile Blaga and the blood on Petre Roman's hands. They can grasp just the obedience to Traian Basescu, a politician who didn't beat the Bucharest inhabitants black and blue. But just like Francois Mitterrand, Sorin Oprescu is unlucky to be "l'ami de l'assassin'(the assassin's friend). And all the Bucharest inhabitants will be watching this assassin on TV in June 13-15, from the end of Sorin Oprescu's electoral campaign till the election day. They will be watching him along with nightmare images showing a man expressing his thanks to the coal miners for their "strong civic sense."
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