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The mistakes
Why were there wasted 20 million Euro on a pointless referendum? Why did every possible Romanian, starting with the newly born, have to give 1 Euro for a lost battle? Why did they waste more millions from every Romanian on shameless propaganda, lawful or lawless, official or masked, such as performed by Traian Basescu and meant to ask people for opinion, although uselessly? Citizens have got the right to know how come the President was on TV as often as he pleased and on which TV station he pleased. Citizens have got the right to learn the political consequences of the time and energy thus wasted on a great failure. Citizens have got the right to know why the huge energies and cleverness of politicians and mass media representatives were wasted on an analysis of the circumstances of a pointless referendum. This is why public opinion couldn't pay enough attention to the only truly relevant event, the election of MEPs. In case it is true that the whole scandal launched by Traian Basescu and effecting in the electorate's disgust and absence from polling station was meant to promote the Democrat Party in a malefic manner, then who will explain to Romanians how come the presidential group votes against Romania's interests in the Parliament of Europe, like it happened recently? The group actually criticized the Romanians for the latest event in Italy. Then why should there continue to be Romanian Democrats in the EPP group in the Parliament of Europe, since the latter group has constantly proved an adversary of our national interests? Who is to be blamed that, although the Parliament voted for a uninominal vote law, it was compromised and it is little likely to be used in the future parliamentary elections? After all, should anyone pay for all these mistakes?
So there are huge funds, accompanied by cleverness, creativeness and organization efforts used for great fuss. The only possible conclusion is that an anti-system person rules the country, since the scandal Traian Basescu has been fuelling ever since appointed effects in the discrediting of the political class, the Parliament, civil society, the Church and the media. Hence the electorate's unprecedented disgust. People just wouldn't leave their homes to go to polling stations. By boycotting the referendum, they boycotted the election of MEPs.
Let's try to turn the bad into good and see the positive side of it. Given yesterday's attitude of Romanians, as proved by figures, given their boycott of political initiatives and of the President's initiatives first of all, what is to be done to avoid it in the future? If repeated, democracy will be suppressed for more 50 years. Local, parliamentary and presidential elections are next. The results must necessarily be the expression of citizens' true will in order to be successful and signify one more step towards the consolidation of the rule of law. In other words, disgust must turn into interest. Citizens have to realize that their ballots truly count in the local, parliamentary and presidential elections. They must also realize that they will live the way they vote. Such a spectacular change implies Romanians' awareness of who are those guilty of yesterday's tremendous failure of democracy. We must first of all understand who is the naughty boy and who is the first to pay for mistakes. Romania's future depends on the quick answer to this question.
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