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  Nr. 4011 de sambata, 18 august 2007 
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Liberals and Democrats ruin Geoana's dream
The Liberal and Democrats managed to share an opinion yesterday: Mircea Geoana, president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), can't possibly become a PM. One day before the PSD leader had admitted his wish to head the government, describing the party's decision to come up with bill against the government as firm.
Ludovic Orban, a vice president of Romanian Liberals, commented yesterday: "Mircea Geoana proves na�ve if he fancies that Traian Basescu will respect the importance of parties in the Parliament and hurry to appoint him a PM." He added the Romanian President would never appoint someone who had dared criticize him a PM. He concluded: "If such a case, it is most likely that Traian Basescu should appoint a person remarked so far for his/ her humbleness and unconditioned submissiveness in putting up with all the President's whims."
Gheorghe Barbu, a vice president of the Democrats, claimed in his turn that while Mircea Geoana had been in power the PSD had lost half of the points and that Geoana's conduct showed he wasn't fit for a PM. He argued: "He probably pictures himself as a PM. The question is if Romanians picture him alike too. For the time being, given his conduct as leader of the PSD losing half of the points since he got leadership, it is rather hard to speak of achievements." (A.H.)
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