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Romanians don't get along with Roma people
-- Almost 40% of the participants to an empirical study with the 'racismgraph', authored by an NGO supporting the interests of the Roma community in Romania, think the Roma people should be segregated and 46% oppose such a measure.
The Romani Criss organization tested 600 Romanians with a so-called 'racismgraph' in August 10-12. There were several MPs, public persons and journalists among the people tested. About 46% claim they are against the removal of the Roma people from their cities and only few of these people say they want the Romanians and the Roma people to "stay together" because "we all are humans" or because "they have got the same rights".
Still 31% think that to remove the Roma people is a good idea and over 60% of the latter people suggest segregation (to the outskirts or to a specific location, a quarter, a city or even a Roma country, anywhere, but separated from the others). The authors inform that there are more 7% with an extremist view ("they should be removed to the garbage hole", regret that Antonescu is dead and solutions such as "the gun" or "let them all die").
Poisoned vicinity
According to the test, the negative stereotype on the gypsies "emerges in the absence of influence from the personal experience". And 21% of the people tested have never been in conflict with the Roma people, still they don't want to inhabit the same city. 53,5% from the total number of participants claim having had no conflict with the Roma representatives, but they wouldn't want to share the city with them. They also explain their strain has got nothing to do with the fact that there are criminals among the Roma people. (...)
The research is part of the project titled "Consolidating Institutional Capacity and Developing Partnership to Improve Perception and Conditions of the Roma People". It is authored by the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government and the National Agency for the Roma People. The event is included in the campaign against discrimination implemented by the Romani Criss in partnership with the Press Monitoring Agency and with financial support from the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.
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