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Romanian diplomat in Chishinau accused of taking bribe
A high rank employee of the Romanian Embassy to Chishinau whose name hasn't been disclosed is suspected of having facilitated the release of Romanian visas for Moldovan Republic citizens.
According to the deputy of Valentin Zubic, the Moldovan interior ministry, the suspected is a high official with decision-making power who used to facilitate the urgent release of visas for Moldovan citizens, whose solicitations reached the Embassy via a connection including an employee of the National Philharmonic, now under investigations, and the manager of a tourism agency, now under arrest.
The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office in the Moldovan Republic has started criminal inquiry on traffic of influence and organization of illegal migration with help from fake documents.
Moldovan citizens' solicitations of visas would reach the respective Embassy servant from Agnesa Rusu, head of the Management Department in the National Philharmonic in Chishinau. The diplomat would get the documents under urgent regime and without checking on them. This is how lots of Moldovans left abroad and none of them was repatriated.
Adrian Cioroianu, Romania's foreign minister, has claimed he asked the Moldovan Embassy in Bucharest for explanations on the Romanian diplomat. The Romanian Embassy in Chishinau claims having got no official information on the case and has made no comments. (D.E.)
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