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PSD keeps on making promises
In just one month the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) has promised no less than 10 legislative initiatives, all of them involving funds from the state budget. The representatives of Mircea Geoana's party have been talking about grants for students and lodging places for the youth, damages to be paid to agriculture workers, the making of a fund for the Romanian retired, wages for priests and the raise of the minimum salary in Romania.
The PSD heads have done even more: the idea that the VAT (value added tax) on basic food products should be cut on. And more suggestions: the state should buy the cattle in the regions damaged by drought and the Ministry of Agriculture should get 3% of the gross domestic product. And there is also the threat that the party would come up with bill against the Tariceanu Cabinet unless the latter agreed to supply funds to the PSD mayors. (...) (R.A.)
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