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Europeans and Americans trust doctors, Romanians trust Church
In Europe and the US doctors are the beneficiaries of most trust from the population, whereas politicians are the most distrusted category, according to the research released yesterday and cited by Reuters. Teachers, policemen and soldiers are also admired for their integrity, whereas managers, journalists and lawyers are thought to be unworthy of trust, according to the study by the German company GfK.
The Italians, Bulgarians and Czechs are most dissatisfied with their politicians. As far as Italy is concerned, lawyers enjoy least appreciation there.
The Swiss feel most trust in their political leaders as 35% of the people questioned answered so. Managers aren't generally trusted, except for in states like Denmark, Sweden and Romania. Journalists are distrusted as well, except for those in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain.
There is a different perception of the clergy. In Romania (Orthodox), Sweden (Lutheran) and Germany, where most of the inhabitants are either Protestant or Catholic, the clergy are beneficiaries of favorable opinions. But in Spain and France, mostly Catholic, and also Greece, mostly Orthodox, the clergy get much suspicion.
Except for the Netherlands, in all the state considered in the study the military is trusted. The police are perceived in the same manner almost everywhere, except for Bulgaria. (L.M.)
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