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Patriarch's death under inquiry
The Discipline Committee off the College of Doctors in Bucharest has taken attitude at the way the deceased Patriarch was hospitalized and also at the respect for the pre-surgery procedures in the case of the surgery doctor Ioan Sinescu performed on the Patriarch Teoctist.
The Committee informs: "Given the legal norms, the Committee is going to make the official procedures needed for obtaining the medical documents in the Urology Clinic of Fundeni Hospital so that the Committee experts will analyze them." There is also mentioned that the evaluation of the medical documents and experts' analysis are to be on the agenda of the next session of the Discipline Committee.
Patriarchy appreciation Committee's decision
The Romanian Patriarchy has expressed appreciation for this decision to look into the surgery on the Patriarch Teoctist. The institution opines this is the only way to learn the truth about it, says Constantin Stoica, spokesman for the Patriarchy. He comments: "This is a responsible decision by the College of Doctors in Bucharest, the only institution entitled to decide on the truth about the surgery. Patriarchy appreciates the decision, as it is only by the doctors' initiative that we will learn the truth. "
Family demand criminal investigations
Right after yesterday's funeral, Gheorghe Arpasu, a representative of the Patriarch's family, more exactly the son of the Patriarch's brother, assigned a lawyer to obtain the observation file drawn when the Patriarch had been hospitalized for surgery. The lawyer went to Fundeni Hospital to ask for it, but the hospital director wouldn't offer it, claiming he had to abide by the dead patient's confidentiality. (...)
The angry family announced they would get it by trial and they also mentioned they would write a criminal complaint to demand that official inquiry open to search the Patriarch's death.
Costel Calapod, a driver and friend of the Patriarch for 21 years, the only one who stood by the 92-year old monk until his last minute, recounts exclusively for ZIUA the fatidic day: last Monday. The new witness says that at 3:00-3:15 p.m. a short and fat nurse told him the patient was dead. And the nurse shift was done at 3:00-4:00 p.m. The doctors sent the bodyguards to stand by the doors and not to allow Calapod to walk in, as the Patriarch had asked.
There is to be noticed that His Holiness Vicentiu Ploiesteanul didn't demand autopsy or embalming of the corpse.
The driver can also remember that the Patriarch had gone to hospital carrying a bag where he had his mobile, papers and money. He also claims the patriarch had written his will ever since the 1989 Revolution. He recounts: "Poor him, he wasn't ill. He was just old, he was 92. He was very lucid. He would say: 'God forbid I get paralyzed and lose my senses!' He was making a house here to get secluded." You can hear the audio version of the interview at www.ziua.ro in Romanian.
And the electoral fight over the future Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church has already started: Cozmin Gusa, leader of the New Initiative Party, has unveiled those members of the National Churchly Assembly in connections with the Masonry and Sorin Frunzaverde is top of the list. (...) (D.E.I., V.R.)
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